Restore your Restaurants in Pandemic

Pandemic has seriously caused a lot of problems for every sector. The economy has gone down like crazy. Restaurants are seeing the worst scenarios and suffering the most. The end revenue has gone from some value to a direct fall to $0. But, there are many things a restaurant can do to promote themselves. And this promotion will therefore help them succeed as soon as the lockdowns are lifted and we are on a better stage.

Takeaway Kitchen or Cloud Kitchen in India

Ok before you dive deep in this article, let me ask you a question. What would you prefer, takeaway kitchen or dine-in restaurant in current scenario? Well, many data suggests that several restaurants has already changed their dine-in system to just takeaway kitchens.

Catering Services suffering due to Covid-19

It irks me knowing the rate of catering services collapse in just one year. They say it's easy to cope-up with losses, but I say what looks easy requires the most efforts. Caterers are some of the most important people in an event. Although the pandemic has completely shut down, event organizations still people are working.