Digital Brochure & Cards

Digital Brochure

  • A Digital brochure is a strategical approach towards designing interactive PDF files that lets people/clients know more about your company. They could easily manoeuvre through pages to know what the business is about? what are the successful projects done so far? What more can the business offer? What do clients have to say about this? And many more answers to such questions clubbed in one pdf file.
  • These PDF files could be later on send to your leads via WhatsApp, email, SMS, and even social media platforms. And yes, that’s what we expertise on. We help you create your business digital brochure with compelling content that will significantly influence your leads to become your clients.

Digital Cards

  • A digital card is created using different tools which are hosted online. It’s a digital visualisation of your hardcopy business card. They work on smartphones, tablets and computers, which gives your business better authentication. These digital business cards could easily be used on social media, websites, emails, and other platforms. Also, they help viable clients to contact you quickly depending on the platforms you choose to share your business card.
  • And yes, we at BrandsOverMoon help you create such digital cards which you can use in your digital brochures. So that after going through the impressive brochure, they choose to contact you and find your contact right at the end of the brochure. We help you create impeccable digital cards and digital brochures for better explanations and contact details about your brand.
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Digital Brochure & Cards

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