How to write creative content for digital marketing?

Here, the first question you need to ask is, why do you need creative content? Here’s a simple answer to your simple question. If you want your brand to stand unique in your sector, then you need creative content.

Another question, would you read a blog that uses all heavy jargons and lots of technical stuff in it? (Unless you are a geek, no offence) No, right!. So, that’s the thing; we often scroll up the social media when there’s a post related to making 10K in 10mins. But we do read content when it’s a meme, something related to our niche, and if it has a unique touch.

Okay, here’s two examples. Which one would you choose as creative content and one as just simple informative stuff?

1) You will Have Broader OutReach.

Now tell me which one you would find more interesting and choose to share—option one or option 2. Of course, you’ll choose option one because every college student can relate to it; it’s humorous and realistic. On the other hand, if you chose option 2, I am sorry, my friend. I’ve got just two words for you, “No Comments.”
So, that’s the power of creating unique, humorous and realistic content.
Now let’s arrive at the elephant in the room, the question:- how to create unique content? Let me help you out.

  1. Think Out of the box or break the box:-
    No writer/inventor wouldn’t be famous if they didn’t break the conventional norms. For example, Charles Babbage, the man who created the computer, do you think it was easy for him. No, many approved his invention, and many did not. But now you see where we are. People are always afraid of going out of the rat race, but if you want to be unique, just stop in the race, turn back, and go in the direction that makes you feel unique.
  2. Yes, think out of the box but be relevant.
    Suppose you are an owner of a cafe surviving tea, coffee and evening snacks. If you start writing about cryptocurrency or political controversies, people will think that you don’t know how to market. It’s okay if you don’t care about what people think, you can have your views, but just don’t post them on your official business page. Then it becomes completely irrelevant, and you might slowly end up losing your customers.
  3. Be creative but stay grammatically correct.
    What I mean is, if you have grammatical errors in your content, then people might get the wrong message. Here’s a well-known example of how powerful grammar can be.
    Sentence 1:- Let’s eat Grandma!
    Sentence 2:- Let’s eat, Grandma.
    Hence, punctuation can save a life. So, always try to keep your content grammatically correct otherwise, people might get a wrong message from your content.


Just be confident and pour your heart out when you are trying to make creative content. I am sure you’ll be able to do that. If not, don’t forget there’s always BrandsOverMoon for your rescue.

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