How to create ChatBots for the Website?

Let’s answer the first question you might have, what are chatbots?

Chatbots are automated chatting services that often gives you access to frequently asked questions quickly. With Chatbots, you can question, it can help you guide through the website and many more. If you have used Flipkart, and you have some query on replacement or refund of an order, you get redirected to a chatbot. Based on answers, the chatbot gives you a solution or directly connects you with customer service.

Now, another question, why use Chatbots?

Many websites don’t use Chatbots, and many do. So, it’s entirely your choice. But I am sure you want to be unique, right? Then obviously you need it for your website. People can ask questions; you can give them choices, and based on what they choose, the chatbot can easily redirect them to the desired page. That’s the power of chatbots. If you have Echo dot or Google Home, you might find that these Artificial Intelligent devices are so handy. Even if you don’t, I am sure your phone has Siri or Google Assistant.

Similarly, if you have chatbots on your website, you get additional benefits of not answering FAQs now and then. The automated messages will quickly help your clients go through the, without coming to you through email or feedback or query form.

So, after knowing about what chatbots are and why you need them. Now is the time to answer your question about creating a chatbot for your website.

There’s a tool called Landbot, which will help you create your chatbot easily and quickly.

  1. Setup your Landbot account:-
    Here signing up is free, and you need not pay anything for creating your first-ever chatbot. Once you make your account, it directly leads you to the template that helps you build it step by step with guidance. However, if you don’t like the basic template, you can quickly go to a home-like icon that leads you to the dashboard. There you can have a personalised experience.
  2. Build your new chatbot:-
    Go to creating a chatbot, and choose the channel you want your chatbot to be a part of. It can be a website, WhatsApp or social media, or API channels. Once you do that, you will go to a page where you can create your first welcome message. You can also add an image, a GIF, a link or anything else.
  3. Creating Sequence
    Once you make your welcome message, you can create a sequence of frequently asked questions. For example:- “Hi, I am BOMSer. Welcome to BrandsOverMoon. How can I help you? (Now with options to choose from) Would you like to know about a) Our Services, b) Our Testimonials c) Our Contact or d) Other?”
  4. What else can you add?
    You can add your email for them to contact. Based on the choices they make in the first questions, you can carry on with more choices to choose from and so and so forth. After the completion of the question and answer session, you can end with Thankyou. Or else, you can continue to ask, “is there anything you need assistance with?”


This is the simplest way to make your chatbot, but it doesn’t have many options to personalise from. But if you want to create a chatbot from scratch, you can easily take help from the BrandsOverMoon website development team. They’ll use high; you automated AI services with more customisable questions and answers. All the best.

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