Difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing In India

First of all, whatever may be the marketing way, your prime goal should be to reach out to the maximum number of people. The more people know about it, the more chance of getting a better return on investment. Moreover, your company will reach an extent where every client of yours celebrate the fact that they came across your business. It may be via traditional marketing or digital marketing.
Although both marketing methods are equally important and you must know the difference between them. It will help you realise when you need a traditional way of marketing and when you need digital marketing. Let me give you an example to make it more interesting for you.


Suppose you visit a live webinar or a technology convention event. Sometimes, due to some technical glitch, people can often hear what the speaker is saying. But, if you have a script with you, you can easily understand what are they trying to say. Similarly, once you go to a stall in a convention centre, you look upon their technology, and they explain to you many kinds of stuff about it. But how will you remember which technology to choose from when you return to your office. Here a pamphlet or a story about the technology will help you recall the whole conversation on a sheet of paper. And it’s just one of the many examples of benefits you get from traditional marketing.


Coming to digital marketing, it is more of an approach that targets the global audience. You can get clients from your locality as well as from foreign countries. Digital marketing helps you reach every client with just one click. And soon, they will be getting to know about your business through their phone, tablets, PCs, and computers. Digital marketing often includes social media, emails, websites, mobile marketing, CRM, digital brochure/digital card, and many more.

Here’s a table that shows a thorough comparison between traditional marketing and digital marketing.

Although both are equally important, it always comes to you while choosing your method of marketing. Never forget, it’s your business and always try to bring the best. If you find yourself confused, then don’t worry BrandsOverMoon can help you. They help you with both traditional marketings as well as digital marketing. And I believe that it’s always best to consider both options.

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