Impact of Covid 19 on Fashion Industry from 2020-2021

The thing about fashion is, it’s always changing. Like if today, side slit is in fashion. And tomorrow not having a slit at all is fashion on the same dress. Hats are something people of Royal background often wear. If you saw Queen Elizabeth or even Meghan Markle, you know what I am saying. Also, we often wear pencil skirts or trousers for the workplace and one-piece or something sparkly when it comes to pubs or clubs. We wear shorts or bikinis when it comes to the beach.
So there’s a dress code to everything. And with a pandemic, people didn’t buy anything for over 6 months because of lockdowns. Neither did they order online nor they bought from the store. Hence, it was pretty clear that the fashion industry like every industry also faced a negative impact. Moreover, models mostly staying home aren’t able to promote brands’ summer collection, winter collection or spring collection. Which is again a big loss.

  • A short case:-
    There was news about one of the Gucci products, if you saw it you already know what I am talking about. And if you didn’t then here’s the incident.
    It’s about a white Kurta/ Kaftan which Gucci was selling for INR 2.5 Lakhs during the pandemic. It became a major meme of 2021. Indians started trolling the brand, that in Sarojini Nagar people buy the same Kurta at Rs. 100. This hit the headlines because yes, some brands add price to a simple thing because it’s a famous brand. They did not think that people from India, or neighbouring countries are already buying similar clothes from different places at lower costs. Although ultra-rich people might buy it whatsoever, it doesn’t make any sense at all. And this particular case made us realize that we often waste our money on expensive things just because it’s an expensive brand.
  • Affected Departments:-
    In a pandemic, the sales, the product/marketing, the distribution of the fashion industry all collapsed. Because we also now know that reusing a dress is not a bad thing. You don’t have to wear new things every time you go outside to take a picture. I have a favourite top with me which I am wearing for three years now. But with good care, it still looks new. And this realization made people restrict themselves from buying unnecessary clothes. Which is a good thing overall but worse in the fashion industry.


My conclusion is after the pandemic is over people will visit malls, and start ordering online more but help the brands who are trying to grow. Not the ones who are selling a Kaftan for INR 2.5 Lakhs. It’s just useless. Be smart to help the new business grow, who make handmade accessories, kurtas/Kurtis, sarees and doesn’t even cost much. That’ll be a smart buy and it’ll also help the fashion industry to actually grow. These new brands often use social media to market their products. So now onwards acknowledge their hard work. Also, if you are a fashion designer and you are confused about how to take the first step in digital marketing the BrandsOverMoon is your pal. Call us and get on board with us.

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