Takeaway Kitchen or Cloud Kitchen in India

Ok before you dive deep in this article, let me ask you a question. What would you prefer, takeaway kitchen or dine-in restaurant in current scenario? Well, many data suggests that several restaurants has already changed their dine-in system to just takeaway kitchens. The reason behind such steps is because of unprecedented lockdowns in the states. Data from the United Kingdom shows that almost 100 takeaway food service has gained a profit of 10% over these 2 years.

During this entire pandemic situation it just seems that restaurants has come to a direct pause with no profit. The worst part is people are tired being at home 24/7. Especially children and youngsters, cause each one of them needs a proper exposure before they grow up. Yes, exposure is that necessary. Also, researchers say that there is a development of isolation in the minds of people due to the lack of touch.

Yeah lot about what corona-virus is doing to us. Now its time that we think about what we can do during the situation to make our lives a little better. As we say takeaway kitchen or cloud kitchen, so first thing that comes to our mind is, this is a modern approach. But that's not right. Cause Americans were already selling pizzas via online platforms in the 90s.

More about Takeaway Kitchen / Cloud Kitchen!

The year 2020 kind of feels like we were on the sets of the film 2012. A roller coaster which is at a great height and now it's just can't reach the ground level. After 2020, 2021 feels like normal. With great hopes, we always think that "yes! 1st wave gone", no more corona. Then news startles us by saying, there's a second wave, then we think "Ok, now it'll be over". Then again news shocks us by asking to be aware of the Third Wave. So, now we got the hang of it and all we want is food, work, personal essentials brought to us.

Takeaway Kitchens did make us more dependable on the online food delivery system. Before the pandemic we used to get ready, look good and then go to a fine dine-in restaurant to devour the yummylecious foods. Now all these things are history. Now we feel, that takeaway food are so so so much better than getting ready. All we need is Netflix, good sets of Pajamas and FOOD!

Food is all that matters!

The concept of takeaway food solely depends on food home delivery. Here, people go over the net, surf through their favorite restaurants, then surf through their menu, and then order food via the app. Once a food is ordered, the food is directly delivered to your house. And with contactless delivery you don't even have to pay them when they deliver your food. And all of these happens on the customers side.

If you take a look on the business, we can mostly see that half of the restaurants are just delivering food with no dine-in options. And their kitchens have grown bigger as the orders have grown too. Also, these businesses ought to have an online presence, otherwise how will the millenials know about it. I personally went through hundreds of recipes to make cuisines at home, and also I looked over hundreds of delicious menus. But that is the trick, every dish you want your client to devour needs a proper attention. And as half of the population are youngsters, it's important to attract them towards what you are offering. Best way to do is, create a social media hype.

Take away stress with Takeaway Kitchen!

As I Said, food is all that matters, at least to a foodie person like me. Also, it is not like I just eat I also love to cook. So, probably there are hundreds of influencers out there waiting for people to taste their delicacies. You may have been holding back for years to open your own restaurant or cafe, well now is the time.

If you open your social media, your account will be flooded with different schemes, giveaways, dishes, and many such things. So, what you really need to do is focus on what you want people to taste. For example, you could be only selling Mexican Cuisine or Only Punjabi Cuisine or maybe a bit of both. Once you are done with that, start marketing your takeaway kitchen idea over the social medias. Once you start getting clients and have money in your pocket, start hiring employees or delivery person. Also, there are different platforms available that people order from. There are people who vlog especially about cuisines, desserts, and snacks. So, rather than making your own website, you can rely on platforms like Swiggy and FoodPanda. The reason behind this is because food order in Swiggy, Zomato, and other such platforms has more users. Once you gain a little fame, and you have your profits you can easily open your own website as well.

Well, I am a simple Sci-Fi loving person, who can spend hours and hours watching and learning about different theories. Recently, I learned about a new word Cibophobia. You'll be stunned to know what it means. Cibophobia means fear of food. I don't know what can cure such a fear, but I will tell you to make delicious cuisine in your takeaway kitchen so that a person suffering from it, ends up being a gourmet.

Brands Over Moon and Your Journey!

Since, you're about to start a new journey, it is important for you to have a digital partner. In this article we have covered a lot of discussion about social media and website. So, what we do is provide you assistance completely based on related genres. It is very important to generate leads from your business otherwise it will be difficult for you gain profit. That's where a digital marketing team will help you. Your takeaway kitchen is our responsibility, all you need to do is cook.

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