Catering Services suffering due to Covid-19

It irks me knowing the rate of catering services collapse in just one year. They say it's easy to cope-up with losses, but I say what looks easy requires the most efforts. Caterers are some of the most important people in an event. Although the pandemic has completely shut down, event organizations still people are working. If you ask me, food is everything for me, and if I go to a wedding reception and don't get to eat some delicious dishes, I will be disappointed—no doubt in that.

Near me, many catering businesses are suffering and do not have any steady income. I'll share a story about Renu Srivastav, my neighbour and how she is creative about the whole situation. Well, she runs a restaurant a few blocks away from her place. The restaurant also provides catering services in our locality. Until lockdowns were lifted her overall revenue dropped to Rs.0. Srivastav's per day income was approximately 35K, and during special holidays, it'll go up to 90K per day. Even her catering business had an income of more than Rs. 62K

According to the data, I am sure you've understood that she has a good clientele, she has fame in her locality and has good revenue overall. Now, during the pandemic, she called me up and started asking me, "Would you like to try some new dishes I made?" I, a hungry foodie, said, "Yes! Why Not? Send me some; I'll pay you on Gpay." After I devoured the dish, I realized I was craving for more. So, I called her this time and said, "Do you have anything left of the chicken dish you just send me?" Renu says, "No, but what I can give you my Youtube link where I have shared my recipe and the ingredients; go check it out!" And I was like, dude, that was a hell of marketing. Then she asked me to help her in the same with social media marketing. And I did.

What did Renu do with her catering services?

Then we both started applying the same tactics on few more people. Soon her videos had 5K-10K views in a single day. Renu gave her efforts in making more videos. And as the government has given permission to events with not more than 50 people, food lovers started ordering the special dishes for their events from Renu. Soon, we realized she was present in every event that was happening in our locality with the special menus. Kudos to our marketing strategy.

Here, we can see Renu didn't give up her hope, and she made sure that her business doesn't stop. So, she went on a different route and Voila! Even in lockdown, she was able to earn good money and also serve delicious food. Renu applied the two most important things here. First, she brought uniqueness in her approach, and secondly, she marketed her business thinking about her catering services. Also, she created her presence over the social media platforms in no time.

You can do that too, with a Marketing partner!

Catering services need marketing because otherwise, people won't know whom to hire for their event. And, there are several different marketing methods to help you go through it. You know, there is one more important thing and, i.e., who is your target audience. As you know, many businesses have shut down, so corporate event not taking place is normal. But, there are different small showers with around 50 people, and they are wedding, baby shower, and birthdays. Hence, your main target should be families. Like, Renu had a wide range of contact previously to connect with most people, but that might not be the case for other people. So, while you start your own business, you should always have a clear mindset on the target audience, buying personas, demographics, and many more parameters. And as a businessperson, these tasks become hard because most people don't have prior knowledge of these subjects. This is where we come in. You can sleep cause we'll finish your work!

What can we do better?

BrandsOverMoon has helped many companies so far with proper guidance. The road might be bumpy, but what is important here is that our clients were happy at the end of the day. They were able to achieve different goals, generate leads and increase the traffic to their website. So understanding the importance of marketing even in catering services was important. This doesn't end here; I would love to hear a success story from you as well. And if you have hit rock bottom, then share your story because we can show you the path that only gives you success. Visit our website right now to avail some wonderful offers.

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