13 Retail Stores that are affected by the pandemic

Retail Stores or the entire retail industry suffers even now due to the pandemic. Because of complete quarantine, people are bound to stay inside the house. I am in my house for exactly 468 days now. What about you? And current scenario makes the entire population depend on online shopping only. Once people start getting the hang of it, it will take 2 years for the stores to revive their position. Every industry is struggling to gain revenue somehow cause many small businesses don't have any idea about online marketing.

Our discussion for today is the industries that are still suffering and industries which are in a better position now. Well, summer is all about unwanted heat, and now the monsoon is here. And during the monsoon, people completely avoid going out. So, retail stores are dwindling over the edge of a cliff. There are retail industry challenges but how you overcome them is all that matters.

1) Home furnishing Retail Store

We have come to adopt the "new normal" efficiently, i.e., "at home works". Children are studying but via phones and laptops. Yesterday I saw a meme where it said, "Just a year and a half ago, the rule was no electronic gadgets in the examination hall, and now they are making us submit via phone itself." That's true. On the other hand, office workers who woke up at 6 am, got ready, and maybe had breakfast and reached the office before 8 AM, no wakes up at 7:59 AM. As everything is at home, hence there is an increase in people buying furniture and home decor. Even I ended up buying a study table as my college life shifted to the online platform. Online home decor retail stores have become handier.

2) Beauty stores

Beauty stores and beauty supply stores did suffer too. But again, as a person also needs to look good while on camera, they must use beauty products. Now, you may think, is it that necessary? I would say yes, cause while a person is on an interview call, it is important to appear good and smart. So, same as home furnishing, people are buying from beauty stores but less than before.

3) Florist Retail Stores

Florist stores or flower shops were affected during the pandemic. No event will occur during the quarantine so that no one would need chunks of flowers for decor. Even for worship, people have relied on their own garden but never went to the flower shop. Although, now when the government of India sanctioned 50 people in events, florists do have a ray of hope.

4) Book Retail stores

I think the book stores near me are doing just fine. I say this because a pandemic means a whole lot of time being in solitary. A good companion to pass your time is a book. Now, book stores online are also doing fine as people are ordering more books. A few months back, I came across a guy on LinkedIn; he completed almost 250+ books in this pandemic. Even the book stores near me started a scheme of selling 5 books at just Rs.199. And yes, I bought them.

5) Stationary retail stores

We all know that stationary retail stores shut down in many areas because everything is now at home. Children mostly use stationery items, but they don't have any way to use them. Don't you think? Students are just writing on online platforms using their laptops; there is no urgent need for pen or paper. Even online people are not really buying stationary things other than some pens, probably.

6) Gift Shops

Do you remember going to a party? Cause I forgot what's a party like. So, tell me, if there's no party going around or no such event, why will a person buy a present. Probably that is why the gift shops are not doing very great during these pandemic situations.

7) Electronics Retail stores

Electronic retail stores are doing okay. You know why? Because people are mostly in their house and they have started using more electricity. Hence, often electric things break or die. So, to fix them or buy new ones, people visit electronic stores. They have a decent revenue even during the pandemic.

8) Mobile Retail Stores

Generally, according to my knowledge, mobile stores charge more price than online platforms. So, for a long time, people are buying phones online. Even the process of EMI is easier over online platforms. In work from home scenario, people need a phone with better charge capacity and better processor. Hence, people are buying phones but from retail stores is highly unlikely.

9) Garments store

People staying at home need ample garments for their daily use. So, there is a hope that even in pandemic situations people will buy garments for themselves.

10) Shoes and handbag Retail stores

People are not going outside. Students are very creative nowadays, as they will be on call and they are only dressed from the waist up. Below they are probably wearing Avengers themes Boxers and Crocs for their feet. Well, I have a question here, I am not at all a fashion person, but people really like Crocs? I don't know it amazes me. So, as I told you there is a barrier in the selling of shoes and handbags.

11) Jewellery Showrooms

We all know that the price of Gold and Diamond can vary rapidly. And, citizens are obviously suffering from all political shenanigans as well as deadly virus. The economy has headed south and there is minimum ray of hope. And in these situations, buying jewelleries might not be the right choice. So, there is an income stoppage for Jewellery Showrooms as well.

12) Boutiques

Even Fashionistas are coming up with videos that influences others to wear old dresses in different styles. Although, I never tried that. I simply buy my clothes, maybe just a Kurti and a pair of Jeans and Chappal and I am good to go. So, I can say that if everyone is at their homes, then probably they'll prefer buying pajamas more than Sherwanis. Boutiques offering Pajamas and some normal house clothes are doing good but I think there is a toll wreckage over designer clothes.

13) Parlors and Salons

The worst thing for these stores is that their income is completely based on touch. They touch your hair to make it stylish, they'll touch your face to make it brighter, they'll touch your hand for a manicure and many more. Where people are always advised that they should maintain 6 feet proximity, parlours and salons completely defy that rule. Hence beauty enthusiasts are avoiding to go in their stores. Hence, they are at a complete loss during the pandemic.

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